Eurythmics – Beethoven – riječi pjesme

Eurythmics – Beethoven Video

Bez daljnjega, uz Eurythmics nije teško zavoljeti ni Beethovena.
Evo, ja priznajem; Volim slušati Beethovena. 🙂 (kliknuti iznad i uživati u videu)



Take a girl like that
And put her in a natural setting
Like a cafe for example.
Along comes the boy

And hes looking for trouble
With a girl like that
With a girl like that.
Who knows what theyll decide to do.

Who knows what theyll get up to.

Id love to know.

Wouldnt you?

I love to listen to Beethoven

You think you know just what you want
But you have used that weapon agianst me.
Did I tell you I was lying by the way
When I said I wanted a new mink coat.

I was just thinking about
Something sleek

To wrap around my tender throat
I was dreaming like a texan girl
A girl who thinks shes got the right to everything.
A girl who thinks she should have
Something extreme.

I love to listen to Beethoven


Tekstovi pjesama :

Studio 2002 > Textovi Pjesama Mmmm, koje dobre pjesme...


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The Record Keeps Spinin’
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State Farm
In My Room
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Michael Jackson:

Dont Stop Til You Get Enough
Rock With You
Billie Jean
State Of Shock
Say Say Say
The Girl Is Mine


Computer Love
Neon Lights
Pocket Calculator


Conditioned Soul
Here Comes The Rain Again
Don’t Ask Me Why
There Must Be An Angel

Paul Young:

Love Of The Common People
No Parlez
Wherever I Lay My Hat
Every Time You Go Away
Come Back And Stay


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